The SGB Collective was created to provide SGBs serving schools in the broader Woodstock area with the opportunity to learn from each other, leverage collective resources, and escalate their problems. While there are 13 schools between Salt River and Zonnebloem, the Collective currently has a membership of 8 schools. 

Our vision is "a dedicated & passionate school community that grows through mutual support, to develop life-long learners and build a healthier, stronger nation."

As a collective, we have thus far:

  • held several meetings discussing our collective challenges, especially in engaging parents in schools serving commuter learner populations;
  • had a workshop on engaging school stakeholders; 
  • undergone leadership training;
  • accessed training from Inclusive Education on building inclusive schools;
  • put on a very successful Spring Schools Event to celebrate our parents;
  • shared multiple documents including a NELI guide to understanding the Schools Act; and
  • brought together SGB members from other contexts to share their lessons on challenging corrupt practices in schools.

We also have an active Whats App group which members use to ask advice and encourage one another.

Our strategy is to

  1. Build our collective;
  2. Promote sharing of resources and expertise between schools;
  3. Promote the celebration and acknowledgement of teachers; and
  4. Grow Parent/Caregiver engagement.