Understanding that SGBs require tailored support specific to their needs, our work is based on a good understanding of each SGB’s strengths and weaknesses. Our SGB assessment tool is the central cog around which our school support work is implemented and monitored. Our case study identified the power of a collaborative baseline engagement to build relationships quickly and identify areas requiring priority intervention.

The SGB Self-Assessment tool identifies eight key outcomes for SGB functionality, which are necessary for better school functioning and ultimately better learner outcomes.

For each of these 8 outcomes, the tool outlines a series of key measures and provides a customised rating scale (0 to 5) for each of these measures. We have found that the granular nature of the ratings allows SGBs to track any progress (no matter how small) for their particular school’s context.

By working through the assessment as an SGB team, members will be able to:

  • create a common understanding of what it is that the SGB can and should be doing;
  • identify which areas on which the SGB will concentrate on improving; and
  • monitor whether what is being done to improve SGB functionality is working.

The assessment tool is in the format of a Microsoft Excel Workbook which can be downloaded below. Before downloading the tool, please download the detailed instructions and read through them carefully:

  1. DOWNLOAD Assessment Instructions
  2. DOWNLOAD Assessment Tool

The tool is licensed by NELI as CC-BY-SA. We hope you will edit the tool to best suit your particular school's needs.

Should you have any questions, please contact us.