The Norkitt Education Leadership Initiative (NELI) works to improve School Governing Body (SGB) capacity. Through school workshops and advocacy, we support a cadre of community-level governors who ensure good governance for school improvement and community oversight. In this way we aim to improve school leadership, governance and community mobilisation capabilities to, ultimately, promote better learning outcomes and impact inequality in our education system.

NELI strengthens institutional capacity within the SGB, to ensure members have:

  • a meaningful say in how schools are run;
  • the ability to hold education stakeholders accountable; and 
  • the confidence to mobilise and leverage the knowledge, skills, and networks of the school’s community (including the schools' neighbours, small business leaders, religious leaders, NGOs, government and corporations). 


School Governing Body elections take place every three years. The elections see well over a million parents voting for their peers to fill over 100,000 places. 

The next national SGB Elections are scheduled to take place from during the month of March 2018. 

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We run two programmes to improve school governance and support SGBs; our School Support programme and our Research, Advocy and Networking programme.
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Find out more about SGBs, relevant legislation and how you can support your local school's governance

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